Service Interaction!

In September 25, We had our Service Interaction in Tahanan Walang Hagdanan. At first, I though that it will be boring because the people there were in wheelchair and they couldn’t walk. But, when I went there and got to know them better and saw what they can do. I felt amazed of what they can do. They could race with there wheelchair and they can play basketball while in there wheelchair. And They also do some work like packing the medicine and making woodcraft and making wheelchairs. And they also have a gift shop where you can buy there products. After this experience, I think that this people are still needed to be taking cared of because even if they can’t walk, they can still do there daily activities. And I hope we can come back there next year or some other year because it is very fun and exciting there. And I hope you can also go here, I guarantee you that you will have a fun time.


Postponed 2nd Quarterly Test ?

In September 5, it was announced that in the 2nd quarter, there will be no QT. I know you’re all excited that there’s no QT but instead, there will be lots of SA (Quiz) for this quarter and every SA is count for you to get high grades. So study well because everything counts.

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Sad Face

Mama Mary’s Birthday!

Mother Mary

In September 8, We commemorate the birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary. She was the mother of our savior, Jesus Christ. She was one of the people who was very obedient to God and she never made a sin. She also took good care of Jesus when he was a child until his death on the cross. During this day, we should be like Mary because she was very good and kind and when we are kind, God is happy and you make others happy. So you should always be like Mary and make her your example of a good person.

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Mooncake Festival!

Starbucks Mooncake

你好! ( Hello Everybody!)

What comes to mind when you hear Mooncake Festival? Me, Mooncakes, Lanterns, Dice Game and Prices. This is celebrated in different days because of the Chinese Calendar. We have this every year to worship the Moon and to offer things to Chang’e. Chang’e is also known as Moon Goddess of Immortality. This also celebrated in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, Taiwan and the Philippines. So I hope you win in the Dice Games and get lots of Mooncakes. And the picture is a Starbucks Mooncake in China.

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Appreciation Day!

Thank you

Hello Everybody!,

In September 27, 2013, we will be celebrating A-day or Appreciation day for the teachers who gave hard work in preparing for powerpoint presentations, class topics and the test for us to fully understand the lesson. But in A-day we give them a rest from hard work so they remove all that tiredness in their body thinking of what we will learn. So I hope in September 27, 2013, you make your teachers happy and relaxed from hard work.


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