Mooncake Festival!

Starbucks Mooncake

你好! ( Hello Everybody!)

What comes to mind when you hear Mooncake Festival? Me, Mooncakes, Lanterns, Dice Game and Prices. This is celebrated in different days because of the Chinese Calendar. We have this every year to worship the Moon and to offer things to Chang’e. Chang’e is also known as Moon Goddess of Immortality. This also celebrated in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, Taiwan and the Philippines. So I hope you win in the Dice Games and get lots of Mooncakes. And the picture is a Starbucks Mooncake in China.

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Appreciation Day!

Thank you

Hello Everybody!,

In September 27, 2013, we will be celebrating A-day or Appreciation day for the teachers who gave hard work in preparing for powerpoint presentations, class topics and the test for us to fully understand the lesson. But in A-day we give them a rest from hard work so they remove all that tiredness in their body thinking of what we will learn. So I hope in September 27, 2013, you make your teachers happy and relaxed from hard work.


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