As you all know guys, we have lots of exciting events this October but, I think the one you guy will like the most Halloween. Here all kids grab there candy bags, go from house to house and tell the neighbor” Trick or Treat” and the neighbor give them candy. And they also dress up as their favorite person like Iron Man, Superman, Batman, etc. and if you look around houses, some of them make those creepy designs and you will think this is very scary and later there might be popping props like skeletons. And in most toy stores, you will also see Halloween costumes you may like and some kids even have props like axes with blood or masks that our creepy so watch out. I think this year, we will have a fun Halloween. So good luck in candy hunting.

“Trick or Treat”

Source of Picture: http://www.digsdigs.com/photos/halloween-pumpkin-carving-1.jpg



Literacy Month!

In the Month of October, besides having the rosary, we also have literacy month. Where teacher dress up as characters from books like Greek Mythology,etc. But there are also fun activities you can do. In our grade ( grade 6) are activities our listen and eat, quiz bee on Greek Mythology and a essay writing contest and grade 5 also have the same activities. So to all Xaverian, Have a happy literacy month.

Month Of The Rosary!

During the month of October, We celebrate the Month of the Rosary. Pope Pius V instituted this because of a war they one against Muslim Fleets and in 1883 Pope Leo XIII officially declared The Month of October to the Holy Rosary. You can celebrate this by praying the rosary everyday and do it with all your heart.

Source of Picture: http://www.shrineofsaintjude.net/rosary-07.jpg