Guess who’s back? It’s me doing my blog again. I know I’ve been gone for about 8 month because of school. So I decided to post something again to update you guys so watch out for new post about my new school year at Grade 7. If you want more news update please follow me at @ChicagoBalls123. Thanks to all. #ImBackAfter8Months

Merry Christmas!

Ho Ho Ho,

Christmas, I think this is the time were people get a lot of gifts. That’s what in everybody’s mind but here we also commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, The Promised Savior. Here we should thank God that he gave us Jesus to save us from sin  and gives us eternal life. So I hope you don’t  just think about the gifts, I hope you also pray to God .

Merry Christmas and I hope you have a wonderful time.



Earthquake in Bohol!

Hello Everybody,

As you all know guys that a earthquake hit Bohol at 8:12 am at October 15, 2013. The earthquake was about 7.2 magnitude which is really strong. But, Even if we weren’t there, please think about them for a moment and pray and hope that they may be safe. Also, some of the ruin in Bohol like churches were ruined because of the earthquake. Now, these places are now destroyed. So, I hope that we could help these people regain there lives back to normal.

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