Christmas Party!

In December 20,2013, we will have our Christmas Party at school. Here we will have at first a simple mass. Then, followed by a performance made by our fellow schoolmates. The performances are some dances and some singing. Then followed by a party in our classroom where we will eat some food and even watch a movie. Also, we have visitors to entertain so I hope they have a great time. So if you have a Christmas Party too, maybe you can share your experience with me.

Semestral Break is Near!

Ah!, so excited.

See how fast time flies, well it’s already semestral break. After the first to second quarter, we are now given the chance to rest. But, even if it’s semestral break we should always focus on what’s next at school and get ready. So I hope you have a fun and exciting semestral break.

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Literacy Month!

In the Month of October, besides having the rosary, we also have literacy month. Where teacher dress up as characters from books like Greek Mythology,etc. But there are also fun activities you can do. In our grade ( grade 6) are activities our listen and eat, quiz bee on Greek Mythology and a essay writing contest and grade 5 also have the same activities. So to all Xaverian, Have a happy literacy month.

Service Interaction!

In September 25, We had our Service Interaction in Tahanan Walang Hagdanan. At first, I though that it will be boring because the people there were in wheelchair and they couldn’t walk. But, when I went there and got to know them better and saw what they can do. I felt amazed of what they can do. They could race with there wheelchair and they can play basketball while in there wheelchair. And They also do some work like packing the medicine and making woodcraft and making wheelchairs. And they also have a gift shop where you can buy there products. After this experience, I think that this people are still needed to be taking cared of because even if they can’t walk, they can still do there daily activities. And I hope we can come back there next year or some other year because it is very fun and exciting there. And I hope you can also go here, I guarantee you that you will have a fun time.