Month Of The Rosary!

During the month of October, We celebrate the Month of the Rosary. Pope Pius V instituted this because of a war they one against Muslim Fleets and in 1883 Pope Leo XIII officially declared The Month of October to the Holy Rosary. You can celebrate this by praying the rosary everyday and do it with all your heart.

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Pray For Zamboanga and Syria!

As we all know that there is a war right now in Zamboanga and Syria. People have been evacuated already because of gun shots and bombs being deployed to the city. And they do not know yet when the war will stop so we should also pray for these people so the can be strengthened and do not lose faith of their lives. So I encourage you to pray everyday for these people so everyone will be in peace and there will be no more wars between country’s or in a country.

Bible Passage for People in Syria and Zamboanga: Philippians 4:13:” I can do all things through him who strengthens me”.

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Mama Mary’s Birthday!

Mother Mary

In September 8, We commemorate the birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary. She was the mother of our savior, Jesus Christ. She was one of the people who was very obedient to God and she never made a sin. She also took good care of Jesus when he was a child until his death on the cross. During this day, we should be like Mary because she was very good and kind and when we are kind, God is happy and you make others happy. So you should always be like Mary and make her your example of a good person.

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